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Christmas Ornaments at The Christmas Sleigh

German Pyramids

White House Ornaments


Ginger Cottage Wooden Ornaments

Schweizer Pewter Ornaments

Christian Ulbrict Ornaments

Christian Steinbach Ornaments

Austrian Painted Christmas Eggs

The tradition of the Christmas Tree began in Germany in the 18th century. The wealthier people decorated their trees with candied fruits and sugared nuts, but these delicacies were just too expensive and, frankly, unavailable for the greatest number of people. So, very slowly the ingenious master craftsmen of the day came up with “substitutes” made of mouth blown glass that they carefully hand painted to take the place of the sugarplums and nuts that hung on the trees of their wealthier neighbors. What began as a substitute created out of necessity, eventually ballooned into the tradition of glass ornaments that we know and love today. Necessity as the Mother of Invention!
We are pleased to present to you our lovely, handpainted pewter ornaments by Willhelm Schweizer of Germany. Schweizer Pewter is made in Diessen am Ammersee, a little town southwest of Munich. A family owned firm for over 200 years, the pewter we present to you is made precisely as it was from the beginning and the workmanship is superb. Each and every pewter piece is cast in two pieces of slate and hand carved in negative relief. The two pieces are then pressed together and then filled with hot, liquid pewter. The slates are then opened and the figure is figured. They are then hand cleaned and lovingly hand painted. The paints are enamel paints.

Steinbach Nutcrackers

Schweizer Pewter Ornaments

German Candles

Master of The Hunt
master of the hunt

Wax Ornaments
Wax Ornaments

Walnut Shell Ornaments
Wax Ornaments

German Glass Ornaments

JingleNog Glass Ornaments

At The Christmas Sleigh, we carry an extensive selection of heirloom quality German and Austrian mouth blown and hand painted ornaments, some of which are available for purchase here on our web site. Some are Limited Edition pieces, and all the glass ornaments are exclusive to our shop. Our collection of these beautiful ornaments numbers in the thousands, so when you are in the Middleburg, Virginia area, stop by and see our complete collection.
No German Christmas would be complete without the whimsical wooden hand made ornaments, represented here by Christian Ulbricht. Made in Germany, their colorful and detailed depictions of traditional German Christmas ornaments are also available here on our web site. We also carry the complete collection of the wildly popular Steinbach wooden Christmas ornaments, and we hope to have these on the web in the near future.

Advent Calendars

Wooden Ornaments

And for all the ornaments that are as yet not available on the web, please don’t hesitate to contact us (click on contact us button on the homepage) to check for availability and pricing on our entire collection.

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