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Hurtigs flinke OstergruBe Original HUBRIG Wooden Figuren
Mondputzer_Original HUBRIG Wooden Figuren
Mueller Smokerman Erzgebirge Smoking man Colonial edition
Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to choose a really unique gift.  

Perhaps she'd like a sparkling piece of  Swarovski jewelry imported from Austria.  

Or she might love one of our unique German leather clutch bags. 
This luxurious leather clutch is handmade in Germany. 

It features a sturdy closure and strong stitches that are sure to provide a lifetime of use.

Its small size fits all the essentials perfectly - money, phone, maybe even a lipstick! This little delight is finished in a dark chocolate color and is sure to impress her.

In fact, The CHRISTMAS Sleigh is Chock full of all sorts of unique gifts for moms of all ages.

Present Mom with any one of thousands of unique gifts from The Christmas Sleigh, she will be sure to love it!
Is there anything quite as sparklingly beautiful as a radiant Swarovski crystal?

Well, yes, a flawless diamond might qualify! 

Here you will see beautifully created brooches and other pieces all made with the famous Swarovski crystals known the world over for their brilliance and sparkle. 

Whether it is a monster brooch to be worn with pride on the lapel of your finest winter coat, or a tiny brooch or pin to dress up your business suit or sweater, you will treasure these fine pieces of jewelry. 

Imported from Austria.
We have some excellent 
Spring Bunny Smokers.
Take a look at our German Smokerman! 

Hands down the most popular section in our entire store! 

And that's saying a lot! 

Why you ask?

Well, we believe it might be that smokermen are unique and a fascination for children of all ages, from preschool to Great Grandparents!

The craftsmanship, the expressions, the characters depicting virtually all trades, professions, hobbies and avocations certainly have something to do with it.

Dieter H. Rausch
The Christmas Sleigh, Inc.

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